We value our patients' experience at Chiropractic Revolutions. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

I have been from one chiropractor to another, looking for someone to help me with the pain in my lower back. I finally found someone who truly knows what he is doing. Dr. Sean Smith is very professional, efficient, educated, attentive, and personable. His staff members always greet me with a smile and are very considerate of my time. I cannot fully express my thanks to Dr. Sean and Chiropractic Revolutions. I highly recommend them.

-Martie S.

"Dr. Smith is an excellent chiropractor. He listened to everything I had to say, never once seemed in a hurry to get going, and answered every question I had. The adjustment was the best one I have ever received. Very gentle, yet efficient. Definitely would recommend Dr. Smith to anyone."

-Ina M.

"I have had an amazing experience with Dr. Smith! I have had headaches and back pain for years and I came to Chiropractic Revolutions because I had heard wonderful things from friends. Dr Smith x-rayed me and has been so attentive to my scholiosis and headaches. I feel so much better now, my headaches are few and far between and my back has definitely become stronger! Sean Smith truly cares about his patients! I am so grateful to my experience!"

-Lindsay L.

"They were able to get my husband in at 5 on a Friday night and spent so much time reviewing things with him and helped him feel better so he could enjoy his weekend."

-M. Harris

"I took my husband there after he got in the car accident. First thing we noticed was how well equipped the office was which gives my husband valuable care. Doctor Smith is a kind and trustworthy chiropractor. I recommend him to anyone!"

-K. Valdivia

"Dr Smith is great! Very experienced in the chiropractic field, knows and understands CBP (chiropractic bio-physics) and is enjoyable to be around! Two thumbs up from me :)"

-Ryan K.

"One of the best places to receive corrective spinal care. The Doctor is CBP certified and very friendly."

-Christian M.

"Dr. Smith has treated me, and my family for years. My daughters love him, he has been their chiropractor since they were 1 month old. He is a great doctor who cares about his patients."

-Ruth B.

"Dr. Sean Smith is a fantastic chiropractor! For decades I have had back pain and have gone to many different chiropractors seeking relief. Sean's results have exceeded them all! He is very knowledgeable about relieving pain and puts that knowledge into practice. I am extremely impressed with the sense of caring that I get from Sean and his entire staff. He combines various techniques and doesn't just do the same things over and over. He really listens to me. I can't recommend Dr. Sean Smith and Chiropractic Revolutions highly enough. They are terrific!!"

-Melinda H.

Our Mission is to maintain a dedicated

caring and knowledgeable team commited to providing exceptional client services and Chiropractic Care

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